Beauty Blogger Ronke Raji Dragged for Filth Over Insensitive #EndSARS Post

Ronke Raji is losing a lot of followers on her Instagram and Twitter, and people are also unsubscribing to her YouTube page. This is all thanks to her insensitive post about the ongoing #EndSARS protests.

The drama started when the beauty blogger took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself posing beside a bicycle, and she talked about herself and her image, before adding the #EndSARS protest as a footnote, like an afterthought.

Many Nigerians had a problem with this and called her out, and she clapped back, even accused them of being envious of her success.

Which was why Nigerians began to drag her for filth on Twitter, with many unfollowing her: her Instagram, which had over 23, 900 followers, now stands at 22, 000. Also, her YouTube went down from a little over 200,000 subscribers, to 198, 000.

Reacting to the backlash, she tweeted this:

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