#BBNaija Tobi Scoops Cee-C Up for a Passionate Kiss, and This Melts the Hearts of Fans (WATCH)

Tobi and Cee-C keep giving viewers mood swings. One minute fans love them, the next they are heavily criticised for their conducts, especially because many people feel she keeps twirling him around her finger.

Recently, they couple shared their first kiss, and a long passionate it was. And two days ago, they were caught canoodling in bed. However, for the first time yesterday, the couple made out before their colleagues during the Kiss Festival(a part of their Saturday Night Party).

From the clip, Tobi kisses Cee-C, scoops her up and whirls, all the while their lips remain locked. This stirred hilarious reactions in the house. One housemate is heard yelling, “Finally o!” while others cheered and clapped for the couple.

And on social media, Nigerians are feeling all mushy again for Tobi and Cee-C; some feel what the two share is pure and refreshing.

Watch the clip:

And here’s what folks think:




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