BBNaija Recap: Cee-C and Leo Become the New ‘Villains’ After Alex Breaks Down

Many people are upset with Cee-C and Leo.

Saturday began on a pretty good start with Tobi giving viewers entertainment of a lifetime. He apparently has loosened up since his breakup with Cee-C and pairing with Alex, and during the team makeup session with Alex, the new pair gave fans more things to talk about, while Cee-C sulked behind them.

Cee-C would later stalk Tobi all through the day, seeking his attention and getting none. At a point, many viewers wished she would be advised to get rid of Tobi from her heart and mind, because, as many viewers feel, her constant yearning for Tobi’s attention had become an embarrassment.

Well, things escalated quickly during the party, after Alex and Tobi decided to tease the housemates with a sensual dance. They locked lips and Tobi took their racy display up a notch by smacking Alex’s butt, triggering a fight between Alex and Leo (who has been a sort of ‘boyfriend’ to Alex)

Leo had pretty nasty things to say about Alex, and he also accused her of disrespecting him. According to Leo, Alex’s constant flirting with other housemates is the reason housemates like Tobi and Teddy A no longer respects him. Their intense argument degenerated, causing Alex to break down in tears.

She was inconsolable, and did not stop crying even when housemates like Nina and Miracle offered comfort.

Plus, matter was made worse when Cee-C got embroiled in the messy situation and had unkind things say about Alex in front of Leo.

Eventually, Leo and Alex made up and later cuddled together in bed, while Tobi slept alone.

Cee-C, however, stayed up talking with Angel and in the heat of the emotional exchange, she asked Angel to warn Tobi to stay away from her and never touch her again, else she would be forced to report the apparent harassment to Big Brother.

This pissed off many people, especially since it was Cee-C who followed Tobi all through Saturday like a puppy. Some viewers have called on Big Brother to caution the housemate for often making sexual assault inferences when there seemingly is none, while others feel she is finding it incredibly difficult to handle rejection and so was speaking from a place of anger.

Does she need more time to heal? Clearly, she is fast losing her fan base, and this, sadly, may affect her partner, Lolu.

Whatever be the case, Saturday was the #DoubleWahala viewers was promised by Big Brother.

And here’s what people are saying about all that went down yesterday:

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