#BBNaija: Outrage After Tobi Uses Derogatory Language to Describe Housemate Nina

#BBNaija viewers have noticed that too often, housemate Tobi uses derogatory phrases that dismisses the personhood and humanity of his colleague, Nina. And it is why they have called on Big Brother to jettison the use of such degrading language once and for all.

Drama started today when Tobi called the female colleague a “leftover food” during a chat with other housemates, and folks watching the spectacle got upset, especially because it is not the first time Tobi would be using such dehumanising language to describe Nina.


Only last week, Big Brother dismissed housemates Khloe and K-Brule following their verbal fight, and also comedian Dee-One got a strike for his uncouth jokes. And it is for this reason folks are asking for Big Brother’s intervention.

“I hate it when a man bully a lady for no reason. Tell me what right Tobi has to call Nina left over food?” Said Twitter user @UGOLOCHUKA. And another, @GurloadEd_eV added, “Biggie give Tobi a strike for calling Nina “left over food”. That’s so insensitive! Deliberately bringing others down. Housemates should learn to control their tongue. We shouldn’t condone nonsense in d name of jokes!!”

Will Big Brother call Tobi to order? See the reactions:


Will Big Brother heed tot he call? We wait.

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