#BBNaija: Big Brother Replays Video of Lolu and Cee-C’s Altercation. Will They Get Disqualified?

Many people are worried for Lolu and Tobi after Big Brother showed the housemates a video of the altercation between Lolu and Cee-C yesterday.

Recall that duo got into a near-violent altercation after Lolu refused to let Cee-C sit and she pulled their harness so tautly the buckle snapped and slammed against his thigh, causing him an injury. As punishment, the duo were left shackled together for a little longer, before they were eventually un-paired after they resolved their differences.

Many viewers, and even the housemates, felt the tense atmosphere was over, but Big Brother rekindled the tension again this evening.

He summoned the housemates to the common room and played a recording of the altercation, at the end of which Tobi and Lolu and Cee-C were obviously shaken, as they do not yet know what the outcome may be, if they would be punished. And this is because Tobi and Cee-C are naturally paired and it is possible that whatever punishment Big Brother meted out to Cee-C would affect her original partner. Plus, if Lolu gets a strike or is disqualified, it may also affect his original partner, Anto.

Watch the replay:

After Big Brother asked the housemates to return to their business, Cee-C, for the first time, is seen explaining herself to Tobi, pleading for his understanding. But Tobi is too shaken.

This development has left many people guessing; will the affected parties get disqualified, or will they be punished?

This has heightened the drama, and no one knows how it will all end.

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