Basketmouth Calls Out Airport Staff for Breaking Into Passengers’ Checked-in Luggage

Basketmouth has put Nigerian airport staff on the blast in an Instagram post in which he accused them of breaking into passengers’ checked-in luggage.

“I want to use this medium to appreciate NAHCO, you guys have been doing a great job handling our luggages at the airport…..however, I suggest you advise your staff to have small shame,” said the upset comedian who didn’t clarify if he was a recent victim, adding, “just a little, I’m not asking for too much.”

He continued, “Breaking into passengers checked in luggage isn’t romantic….it’s 2018. Charity begins @ home not in the luggage of the airline passengers.”

The post has stirred heated reactions, with fans sharing their own sad experiences at Nigerian airports. “Bro it was so sad for me I lost 65k in my check in luggage at the airport when visiting my parents couldn’t believe my eye, they’re professional criminals and thrives like you said it wasn’t funny only heaven knows how I got back home,” said one Instagram user.

Another added, “Another suggestion… if you are packing your luggage, don’t put pair of shoes together…put them in different boxes..don’t put anything valuable In your checked in bag, put them in your carry-on. pele…I have been a victim.”

See the post below.


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