Basketballer Blake Griffin Ordered to Pay $258K Monthly in Child Support

Blake Griffin has been ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court to pay the mother of his child, Brynn Cameron, the sum of $258,000 a month in child support.

According to Radar Online which first broke the news, it obtained the court documents from the civil lawsuit between the Pistons forward and his ex-fiancee, he has been ordered to give Cameron over $3 million each year for their two children Ford, 5, and Finn, 2.

This whopping sum turns out to be just around 9% of the $35 million Griffin earns each year after investments and endorsements, meaning the paychecks won’t necessarily be that massive in relation to what he makes.

Radar Online adds that Cameron filed the suit back in February after Griffin did not “provide promised financial support.”

In July, both of them were ordered in July to “mutually agree” on school expenses, however Griffin would be responsible for extracurricular activities. They also will share joint custody of their children.

Now, he has been ordered to pay the child support, however they reportedly will be heading back to court in February.


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