Banky W Says people Calling for a Sit-down with the Youths Should Rather Sit with the Government and Police

Banky W has urged anyone calling for a sit-down with the youths in the light of the ongoing nationwide protests to rather sit down with the government and  police officers.

The singer and entrepreneur took to his Instagram story to advise this as he noted that this generation is tired of talk and wants ‘talk and do’.

He noted that any closed door meeting with any ‘youth representative’ at this time will likely not yield any result because the protest was borne out of a desire to see change and it as decentralised as it gets, where no one claim leadership of the movement.

Banky W urged folks to take focus away from the protests and rather place it on the government of the day in order to get it to act right.

He also advocated that dismissal, arrest and charge of all corrupt and murderous police officers should be carried out swiftly and shared online and by the press for transparency as well as an independent panel set up to investigate police misconduct.

Banky W also noted that a hotline to report abuse by uniformed men as well as a reform of the whole police force would be a welcome development that would show the youths that the government is listening.

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