Banker Jailed for Giving Criminals Customers’ Details

A former bank employee who abused her position of trust and passed confidential details to criminals has been jailed.

Liberty Staph, 27, of Broadley Street, NW8, was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday, 27 September, after she pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud by abuse of position which led to £67,000 being stolen from three customer accounts.

Detectives from the Met’s Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON) unit began an investigation in March 2016 after three of the bank’s customers had money removed from their accounts without their knowledge.

An internal investigation by HSBC identified that Staph had interacted with all three customers shortly before the withdrawals were made.

Staph, who worked in an HSBC contact centre and in an HSBC branch in central London, accessed the customers’ confidential data required to make changes to facilitate access to the accounts.

Detective Constable Mark Cresswell, of the Met’s Fraud and Linked Crime Online (Falcon) unit, said: “Staph abused her position to fraudulently obtain money from HSBC customers who she was supposed to be helping. Her criminal actions were uncovered thanks to a comprehensive internal investigation by HSBC.

“The prison sentence received by Staph should act as a deterrent to any other bank employees considering any similar actions.”

In total, more than £67,000 was transferred out of the bank accounts of the three victims, and a few days after each fraud had been completed Staph received payments into her bank account, totaling £8,000.

All three victims were refunded in full by the bank before detectives caught up with Staph and her cohorts.

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