Babes Wodumo Apologises After Viral Vidoe of Her Bullying Lady Zamar Surfaced

Babes Wodumo has issued a statement in which she apologised for seemingly bullying Lady Zamar.

Per Timeslive, Babes body-shamed Zamar over her acne during her appearance on Idols SA, and this was captured in a video posted on Babes’ social media, which has now gone viral. Many people took to social media to drag Babes for this.

Hours after, Babes’s sister denied it was her in the video and claimed she had been hacked, and added that Babes has reached out to Lady Zamar to apologise.

“Babes’ heart is bleeding after the video went viral… She is trying to get hold of Lady Zamar to clear her name regarding the accusations, because the situation is getting out of hand now,” said the sister, adding that there was no no bad blood between Babes and Lady Zamar.

“They are not in the same musical genre, so why would Babes do that or have beef with her? Acne is a problem nationwide. Why would my sister have a nerve to say that to Lady Zamar. Even Babes has acne sometimes,” she said.

She further claimed that Babes’ account was hacked and the post made by someone who allegedly is blackmailing Babes.

“We are hunting for him because we want to establish where he got the video from and how he impersonated her in the video. Vodacom is also our witness, because Babes went to the store yesterday after she found out that her number was hacked”.

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