Azealia Banks Thanks Childish Gambino for Including Her in “Feels Like Summer” Video

Azealia Banks is so pleased that she was included in the list of artists who appeared in Childish Gambino‘s new video for “Feels Like Summer”.

Recall that Childish Gambino shared the animated visuals in which he gave a full recap of the happenings in the music industry: from Nicki Minaj’s efforts being toppled by Travis Scott, Kanye crying in a “Make America Great Again” hat as Michelle Obama hugs him, and Azealia Banks sitting high up on a tree and looking down on everyone else.

You can see Banks on the 1:26 mark.

Reacting to this, Banks thanked the actor-rapper, saying: “You really showed the entire hip-hop culture love in this video,” said the 212 rapper who is famous for fighting with everyone on social media, adding, “Especially when you know how left out I feel sometime I’m so happy and honored to be included in this.”

And about her placement in a tree, Banks wrote, “Funny, people often tell me about dreams they have of me sitting up in trees. I’m delightfully intrigued by what it could mean!”

See her post below.

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