Azealia Banks Reveals She’s Signed a $1m Record Deal: ‘I Have a Home Again. I’m Crying.’

Azealia Banks has a home again, and she can’t contain her happiness.

Today, the 212 rapper took to her Instagram to reveal her new record deal with E1 Entertainment Music, a feat that came after many years of drought.

“I’m now officially signed to E1 Entertainment!! I HAVE A HOME AGAIN… I’m crying,” she said in her Instagram post, adding, “The Industry left me out on the street like a stray dog and now I have shelter again.”

She continued, saying, “This is really making me cry I’m so happy and grateful and thankful for all of this and I promise I’m going to make the [fans] so proud. Thank you guys so freaking much you don’t know how much this means to me.”

Recall that the rapper fell out of the spotlight following her numerous scuffles with other artists and racist rants that caused her to be banned from Twitter.

Late last year, Azealia apologised to Nicki Minaj for all the unkind things she had said about her, and earlier this year, she also apologised to Beyonce, who she had unfairly attacked.

Now, good things are coming her way and she couldn’t resist sharing this news on her Instagram. “I come from a very broken household and when I was a little girl all I wanted was to be loved,” she told her fans, adding, “I’ve been all around the world but I swear I’ve never felt more understood, cared for and welcome than I have with you all. YOU are the loves of my life. I don’t need anyone else but my kunts. Thank you for everything.”

We can’t wait for her new music.

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