Azealia Banks Reveals She’s Going to Chicago to Meet Kanye West: ‘He Called Me.’

Azealia Banks may finally be getting that major break she has been seeking for years now.

Today, the controversial rapper took to her Twitter to reveal that she got a call from Kanye West and has been invited to meet the rap boss in Chicago.

“I just spoke to Kanye West for the first time in years. He called me. I’m going to Chicago,” said the Anna Wintour rapper, stirring mixed reactions from hip-hop fans.

Will they be making music or causing more controversies?

Only recently, Azealia Banks’ visit to Elon Musk’s mansion in Los Angeles triggered a string of activities that led to the billionaire Tesla chairman agreeing to resign from his position and reaching a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Kanye West on his own part recently fled Twitter after knocking heads together following his rants pro-Trump rants and gaffes.

So, will these two most controversial rap acts be making music or stirring more shit up? Fans wait!

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