Azealia Banks Insults Nicki Minaj Again Months After Begging for Forgiveness

Azealia Banks is back at it again.

Last night, the 212 rapper hopped on her Instagram to throw shades at Nicki Minaj after the Chun-Li rapper shared sneak peek of her upcoming video, Bed.

From the photos, Nicki is seen dressed up as a mermaid, and while many people applauded the new creative venture, Azealia accused Nicki of jacking her style and further insulted the older rapper, calling her “chicken of the sea”.

See the post below.

Well, folks reminded her of when she begged Nicki Minaj for forgiveness only months ago, promising never to throw shades.

But, Azealia says she is done being a nice girl.

And to those who reminded her of how she was begging Nicki for a feature, Azleaia says, “Nah, she can keep it now. She is giving me aunty chicken of the sea tuna in a can baked potato vibes. I’m good on it now. Bye Barz.”

Scroll to see all the rants.

Will Nicki reply her? We doubt it.


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