Azealia Banks Denies Pulling Black Women Down After Making Cardi B Delete Her Instagram

Azealia Banks insists she doesn’t pull black women down, instead she initiates discussions that are important to the future of the community.

The Anna Wintour rapper, who is now embroiled in yet another feud Teyana Taylor, wrote this following the backlash she has received from people who are upset with her for fighting with Cardi on Instagram.

Recall that the recent feud with Cardi started after Azealia’s recent sit-down with the presenters of The Breakfast Club, where she justified calling Cardi an ‘illiterate, untalented rat’, saying that the pregnant rapper has been reduced to a ‘caricature of a black woman.’

This pissed off Cardi who then took to her social media to reply Azealia, saying that she is the way she is because she is from the hood. “I’m from the hood. I speak how I speak I am how I am. I did not choose to be famous people choose me,” said Cardi.

But Azealia read her for filth. “I also come from the hood. So does Nicki Minaj,” said Azealia, adding, “The hood is a beautiful place full of loads of creative, smart and talented people. You’re illiterate because you are lazy. Not because you are from the hood.”

The duo soon got embroiled in a nasty back-and-forth, with Azealia accusing Cardi of promoting gang culture, illiteracy, unprotected sex and fighting, and this ultimately led to Cardi deleting her Instagram and making her Twitter private.

Now, many people are upset with Azealia, and more because of her recent diss targeting Teyana Taylor.

And it was because of that she took to her Instagram to set the records straight: she speaks because she wants the black community to be better.

See her post below:

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