Azealia Banks Cancels Her Album, Wishes Death on Wendy Williams: ‘I’ll Like to See Her Die on Air’

Azealia Banks has announced the cancellation of her upcoming album Fantasea II via her Instagram story, and this comes amid her nasty feud with the crew of Nick Cannon’s MTV comedy series Wild ‘N Out.

In case you missed how it all started: The rapper took to her Instagram to complain about how the crew of Wild ‘N Out made her cry during the show. According to her, she was invited to perform one song, instead of joining a comedic rap battle, but that the crew took turns to make unkind jabs at her and harass her.

She cussed out the crew, and also dissed Nick Cannon who is battling Lupus, making unending mockery of his health condition.

The creator responded to Banks post shortly after. While he didn’t give details of what went down, he insinuated that Banks was the one stirring up trouble. “Don’t you hate when you create your own storms but forget your umbrella??” he wrote on Instagram.

Well, that was all it took to rile Banks some more, because she went further to nasty things and, surprisingly diverted to another lane to wish death on Wendy Williams.

“OMG can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead? I would love to see her die on air,” she wrote.

When her fans thought they had seen it all, Banks returned again to announce that she is cancelling her much-talked-about album. “Album is cancelled,” she wrote, adding, “I’ll release new music when I feel like it.”

She apparently has a lot going on with her, or what do you think?

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