Azealia Banks Accuses Kesha of Lying About Being Raped by Dr. Luke

Azealia Banks is making the headlines again, this time for accusing Kesha of lying about being raped.

The drama started after Lana Del Rey dragged Kanye West over his #MAGA tweets and Azealia Banks demanded that the singer apologises to the rapper. Many people got riled by Banks’ rant, and one of them tweeted at her, saying: “B*tch didn’t you work for Dr Luke?”

And that was all it took for the female rapper to rip into Kesha.

She accused Kesha of crying rape just so she wouldn’t fulfill her contractual obligation. “Dr Luke never raped Kesha. After 5 years of legal drama…they were still unable to find him guilty. Kesha lied because she didn’t want to fulfill contractual obligations she’d already been paid to fulfill,” wrote Banks.

She went forward to call Kesha’s allegations “another example of a white woman using her inherent ‘victimhood’ to con her way through life.”

“I don’t give a fuck about Kesha,” the rapper continued. “Her stupid ass should have stayed with Luke because her new music sucks. Luke knew she had an ugly singing voice and he made music to compensate for that. I wish she would disappear.”

This comes one month after an unsealed deposition proved Katy Perry shot down Kesha’s claims that she was also raped by Dr Luke. Read all about it here.

See Azealia Tweets below.

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