Ayo Fayose’s Aide Shuts Down Claims that the Ex-Gov Has Confessed to the EFCC

Ayo Fayose’s media aide, Lere Olayinka, has debunked the reports making rounds that the immediate past governor of Ekiti State has started opening up on allegations of corruption made against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Olayinka called the reports “false and misleading” and a weak attempt by the anti-graft agency to continue in the supposed campaign of calumny against the former governor.

“No amount of sponsored media reports will change the fact that as at today, the EFCC does not have any evidence to prosecute the former governor in court,” said Olayinka via Daily Post, adding that his boss will only defend himself before the court of law.

He further added that the EFCC is persecuting the former governor because of his criticism of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government.

“It is a fact that Fayose wrote to the EFCC on September 10, 2018 notifying the commission of his decision to make himself available on October 16, 2018. The EFCC replied by asking him not to wait till October 16 and that he should come on September 20, 2018,” he said.

Adding, “Therefore, isn’t it funny that the same EFCC that was desperate to have Fayose report on September 20 is still keeping him in detention, four days after he willingly submitted himself? Isn’t it now clear to all discerning minds that EFCC is only acting as an agent of persecution against perceived enemies of the APC and it is helping to keep Fayose out of circulation as desired by the powers that be?”

He continued, “Very soon, the public will still be fed with stories like; Fayose writes confessional statement and eats it, he weeps in detention, begs to return loots among other familiar lies of the EFCC. Nigerians should just ignore the EFCC’s sponsored lies and continue to ask why the anti-graft agency has failed to charge Fayose to court despite the overwhelming evidence it claimed to have.”

“Most importantly, Nigerians should be rest assured that Fayose will not be intimidated even if he is detained for as long as the EFCC will be ready to take him to court. He won’t say more than what he has said which is denying the EFCC allegations and that the anti-graft agency is more of a persecutor than prosecutor,” he concluded.

This comes a day after the anti-graft agency obtained a court order to detain Fayose for two more weeks.

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