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Fiction writer, op-ed columnist, social commentator. Sylva lives in Lagos Nigeria

Nze Sylva’s Corner: We’ve had enough condemnations, it’s Time to Tackle Criminal Herdsmen

We cannot continue to look the other way while our people are being killed in droves in what is now looking like a pogrom. The death of our compatriots should not become normal news. It is a tragedy that we have let things degenerate to this.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: WhenThe Bar is Set So Low for Government

The issue here is that when we the people set the bar so low and celebrate routine activities of our leaders as though they were groundbreaking or innovative, we run the risk of remaining where we are as a nation with our leaders taking us for a ride.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Of Desperate Youths and Criminal Traffickers

We have read of people who faked travel documents, of folks who braved life inside airtight containers sailing across the sea, of stowaways in the wheel compartment of international flights.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Attitudinal Change and Efforts to Improve the Business Environment

we can fix all the processes as much as we like, but if the human beings running it remain the same, we’ve just wasted everybody’s time.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Nigerians Are No Longer Smiling

When we are pushed against the wall, we found a way of crawling into the cracks without breaking a bone. We were ready to bend backwards to accommodate the many failures of our government and even find excuses for them when they advance none for themselves.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Making the Most of Nigeria’s Infrastructure Potential

Nigeria’s infrastructure today lags well behind that of the rest of the developed world and while this presents a present challenge to living and doing business in the country.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Planning for the long term

Just like Peter Obi keyed into the MDGs, today leaders have the SDGs to serve as a benchmark to guide long term planning. The global sustainable goals pretty much covers everything aspect of human development. The question is, what are our leaders doing about the SDGs, almost two years on?

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Xenophobic Attacks – What has Our Foreign Policy got to do With...

Nigeria has played a major role in the independence of many Africa countries, we have performed military intervention in many crisis situations - Liberia and Sierra-Leone readily come to mind, we continue to intervene wherever there are crises on the continent, we make huge donations to countries in need, but what really have we gained from these efforts?

Nze Sylva’s Corner: The Nigerian Passport Booklet Scarcity & Other Scarcities

In a country where food on the table is a daily battle, owning a passport is like luxury. It is not surprising that this passport scarcity is not a widly known issue.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: A Salute to the Nigerian Entrepreneur

They don’t often get the commendation they deserve, our countrymen and women who have braved the odds to establish and run business in this clime.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Infrastructure Will Make the Difference

How our governments’ - both Federal and state, handle the issue of infrastructure today will be the difference between reaping the ‘dividends’ in a few years’ time or groaning under the weight of the on-going population explosion.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: FRC, Obazee & the Contentious Code of Corporate Governance

For a country like Nigeria, quality Financial Reporting & Corporate governance are critical for promoting much needed private sector growth and increasing confidence in our economy hence reducing volatility and the risk of financial market crises

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Now That Year 2017 is Here

Not withstanding the prophetic declarations of how 2017 will be the best year ever, at this very moment, the recession is still in top gear and the identity of those managing the economy has not changed

Nze Sylva’s Corner : 2016, Please End Already

A few unusual things happened this year which depending on your leaning could be either positive or negative. Like Leicester City winning the English Premiership. Or Tomato costing more than apples. Or Donald Trump winning the US Presidency

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Unlocking the Power Lock Jam

The truth is, we must begin to think differently if we must solve this power conundrum. By this I refer to the need to explore other approaches to energy access including standalone electricity models, captive power generation and off-grid models.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Digitally Enabling Development Across Africa

One new technology could address the difficulty of delivering goods to African locations that are remote or poorly served by roads: drones.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Are the SDGs Just Another ‘Feel-Good’ Jamboree?

This week, I am attending the National Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Conference in Abuja with the theme “Going Beyond Monitoring: Evaluation of the achievements...

Nze Sylva: The Burning Boy and Our Soiled Humanity

We killed him. We all have his blood on our hands.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Stiglitz and the Great Divide in Nigeria

While in America the cost of education is expensive and puts a ceiling on the educational attainment of many; a way of keeping the great divide in place, here, our own 1% have ensured education is simply nonexistent.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Abu Ali, War and the Tales That Need to be Told

We need to talk more about the best among us, those who are doing things that are worthy of celebration in every field of endeavour. The heroes of the war on terrorism present very good characters for this tale and Abu Ali is a good first chapter.


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