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Peggy is the founder of Ponder Works Publications. She is an author, ghostwriter and content writer. When she doesn’t have her writing cap on, she is a full-time mother and to two young children and a self-acclaimed super chef!

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: The Road to Success is Filled With Drama

I needed multiple sources of income if I was going to successfully take care of my two kids and my mom who had left her job to come and be a nanny to them

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: Valentine’s Day – Love Comes in all Forms

There were couples everywhere and looking around, the loneliness hit me like a ton of bricks. I longed for someone to laugh out loud with.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mother: Even in Divorce, The Hills Have Eyes

The happiness I had felt a few minutes earlier was gone, replaced by a deep frustration and fear. I instinctively looked around the restaurant searching for any suspicious faces.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: My Mother’s Daughter

I felt totally defeated. I stared at my children and fought back tears. I knew I would have to go home with my sick children, and source for more money.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: New Year and Fireworks in the Sky!

I hadn’t noticed the music had stopped in the neighbour’s house. I hadn’t even noticed I was screaming. Uzoma motioned for me to be quiet.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: A Clubbing Experience at Christmas

Despite the shoe mishap at the club, the evening had been a perfect start to my Christmas holiday. But one thing would make it even more perfect...

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: Torn Between Two Worlds – Kristof and Sanity

It will take me years to be in a good place mentally, emotionally and most especially financially to take that leap

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: Meeting Kristof – From Slovenia With Love

Five minutes later, Kristof sent his Skype ID.  I sent him a Skype request and he called me immediately. I let it ring for a while like a true Nigerian before I answered. I was pleasantly surprised!

Diary of A Nigerian Single Mom – A Courthouse Called Papalanto

I had never been in a courthouse before. I kept looking around as we drove into the parking lot. The place was bustling with activity.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: Camella Comes to Town

“You know Mags, you’ve always been athletic, you need to snap out of this gloom and bring your sexy back. Remember American Pie? You’ve got to become a milf like Stifler’s mom.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: The Long Drive to Single-dom

My aunt ushered me into what was to be my new home - a one bedroom apartment with unpainted walls. I waved goodbye as the driver pulled out of the compound tooting his horn.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: And So the Titanic Sank…

A few minutes later, pirate Aanu was done and I could barely recognize my face. Yomi was right! I looked like Toni Braxton. At least her Nigerian cousin. Most importantly, I felt free! Like a whole new person.