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Aisha’s Musings: Why Romance Novels are Bad for Sex

In Nigeria, we have a lot smothering our sex lives, the weather, economy, religion, family members, and of course romance novels and porn.

Aisha’s Musings: Sex, Virginity and Gender Roles

Usually, when the sex conversation comes up, it tends to follow a certain trope:

Aisha’s Musings: On Sex and Other Addictions

Now, I’m not saying that all sex addicts evolved from being alcohol or drug addicts, I’m just saying that there is the possibility for one to lead to the other.

Aisha’s Musings: Feminism? No, Do Not Bring Back the Bush

Feminsm has taken so many colours and shapes it is difficult to keep up with it, Amber rose shows us her pubic hairs and well… she is trying to end the stigma against pubic hairs… she has empowered women, yay Feminism!

Aisha’s Musings – On Chibuihe & Dammy Krane: A Tale of Varied Sympathies

The same people who condemned Chibuihe, excused Dammy Kranes action

Aisha’s Musings: Rebound Sex and 5 Tips for Picking a Palate Cleanser

Depending on the understanding, he or she can be a listening ear while you whine about the ex but let that not be an expectation. What even makes this easier is if it’s a mutual palate cleansing arrangement.

Aisha’s Musings: Homosexuality and the Nigerian Eye

I used to think that being hit on by a woman would finally allow me say “yes, I’m wanted by all”; but then Port Harcourt happened...

Aisha’s Musings: What’s the Big Deal About Exploring Yourself, aka Masturbation?

The problem with masturbation is this: while for sex, the rules are clearly stated, especially in religious books about the dos and don’ts, the whens and the wheres, masturbation receives a great deal of silence and ambiguous statements.

Aisha’s Musings: The Complementary Effect of Sex and the Rainy Season

When you consider all, it does make sense that the rainy season should indeed call for some lying down together, it’s almost inevitable really.

Aisha’s Musings: A Single Lady’s Guide to Polyamory

It’s okay, everybody likes soup, but nobody likes to have one soup, repeatedly, forever, till death do them part.

Aisha’s Musings: A Rape Can Only Ever Be a Rape

So when a woman who is “experienced” is raped, it isn’t as big a deal as when an inexperienced woman is raped. We need to stop the selective condemnation.

Aisha’s Musings: Dear Expert Women, Let Us Be Our Kind of Women

If you must teach us anything, teach us love, dignity, respect (for others and ourselves), teach us the value of self-improvement, the pursuit of happiness. Then give us room to become.

Aisha’s Musings: The Big Deal About a ‘Big Bulge’ (1)

If today you stand as a man with a smaller than average penis, and you feel insecure and are probably considering trying all those...

Aisha’s Musings: Like Spain, Nigeria Needs a Sex Tsar

And who better to champion all these than the man who is for everyone and for no one?

Aisha’s Musings: I’ve Changed My Mind, Ashawo na Work – Legalise IT

So what if I hope the day never comes when I need to trade sex for money? What if I wouldn’t want the same for my daughter? But I don’t want to be a taxi driver either, doesn’t mean those that can and do do it should be told no or made to feel smaller.

Aisha’s Musings: Is Duration Really That Important?

43 minutes! That's almost a full episode of Game of Thrones. Enough time to give yourself a pedicure, make jollof rice, iron your clothes for the week. 43 minutes! Why will someone even want that?

Aisha’s Musings: Can We Talk About Rape and BDSM?

I think if two adults decide to explore their bodies in a certain way, they should not be judged or condemned for it. And if one partner chooses to abuse the other, one should not be favoured over the other on such grounds, or on any grounds.

Aisha’s Musings: The Zacchaeus Principle – Dear Ladies, Climb That Tree

2015 was Seize the Bae…2016 was Commit or Commot…And now we’re at 2017… Marry Me or Die.

Abuja Musings: Are We Ready to Talk About Sex Toys?

Over time, the question “what do you think about sex toys?” has been posed to various people, male and female and I’ll just let you read some of my favourite responses.

Aisha’s Musings: We Cannot Sing Our Way to Change

First Buhari hit us with the 'Change Begins with Me' anthem, then the Nigerian Police Force did the 'The Police is your Friend' single, now our past leaders are singing hymns.

Aisha’s Musings: My 2016 Lessons From Babysitting

From teething to potty training, children go through tough phases of graduation. And though these phases are difficult, they serve to make them more mature. Difficult times are like this, they make us stronger, tougher, wiser.

Aisha’s Musings: Christmas Time Brings Some Blues, But it’s Okay

Sometimes I feel Christmas looking me in the eye, neck inched forward, left hand on left hip and asking the question When will you get a man? And as I think of the answer I don’t have, I realize that Valentine’s Day is on its way

Aisha’s Musings: On Toke Makinwa & Toxic Relationships

Toke Makinwa & Toxic Relationships: I mean Maje might just be the poster for the Men are Scum campaign, but she.kept.coming.back! For over a decade she kept coming back.