‘Arrest Past Leaders’ – Soyinka Charges EFCC on Anti-Corruption war

Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka says the ongoing fight against corruption will not be won until some of the country’s leaders are arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Soyinka gave the submission on Monday while speaking at the opening ceremony of the 8th Commonwealth Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Abuja.

The renowned playwright said the country had been bled dry by corrupt leadership over the years.

“I took the trouble to visit the headquarters of the EFCC, I wanted to see what will be the mode of hospitality for some of our leaders who sooner or late will pass through the doors of that beautiful building not far from here,” he said.

“But I think until we make sure some of our leaders pass through those doors, the struggle against corruption will not be won, will not be over.

“So I spoke to Magu, ‘where is the presidential wing in this place’, and he said sorry it is an egalitarian institution and I said ‘okay I’d take that message back to them’.”

Soyinka, who last month warned that the country was heading towards anarchy following the menace of herdsmen, stated that the last time he attended a Commonwealth conference was because he sought to recover funds taken out of the country

“The last time I addressed Commonwealth group like this was in Singapore or Malaysia I have forgotten now. It was during the reign of a terrorist in this country, Sani Abacha, and this time it was actually a collection of legal minds, the Commonwealth bar association and I attended that conference specifically for one purpose,” Soyinka said.

“Not to help get rid of that dictator but at least to try to recover for us a certain lump sum that he had donated to another head of state as bribe so that he could continue to rule and terrorise forever. It was a neighbouring head of state.

“Many years I became justified because I became an issue in that country. You all know what country I am talking about. Up till now, I don’t know if Nigeria did recover that million dollars but at least it became an issue and problem of conscience and I hope that is what will emerge from this meeting.”

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