Armed Robbers Reportedly Used GPS to Track and Rob Safaree Samuels

TMZ is reporting that the men who robbed Safaree Samuels in April tracked him down using GPS.

Recall that the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj was robbed by two men in New Jersey who held him at gunpoint and whisked away his jewelries and cash, all of which are worth over $183,000. The two suspects were later caught by the police.

Now, TMZ reports that the rapper knew one of the alleged assailants, and that they were were tracking his every move before the hit.

Here’s what TMZ said:

“Sources connected to the case tell TMZ … cops found a GPS device which had been installed on Safaree’s car before he was held up at gunpoint in April and robbed in New York. We’re told it’s unclear when the device was planted, but cops believe it’s how the robbers pinpointed Safaree.

Interestingly enough, our sources say this tracking technique is one that’s been used by authorities in NYC as of late … and they even think the perps picked up the trick from them. We’re told these GPS devices have been getting used more and more in high-profile stickups.”

Presently, two suspects have been arrested, and we can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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