Apple warns of app glitches after ‘unexpected update’

Users of iPhones and iPads are being warned that some apps may experience glitches because Apple only gave a day’s notice of the release of a major update to its iOS operating systems.

Chief executive Tim Cook revealed on Tuesday that iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 would launch on Wednesday –a deviation from the previous practice of announcing it weeks before time.

Mr Cook described the updates as being a “huge release that transforms the core experience” of using its mobile devices.

Developers have complained they do not have enough time to check for bugs and submit their products to the App Store.

They worry that even apps that do not exhibit obvious problems may still lack planned features that were supposed to have been ready in time for the upgrade.

Meanwhile, users can prevent the the iOS14 and IPadOS 14 from installing.

While the new code will still be downloaded in the background on devices running versions 13.6 and above, it will not install without first seeking the user’s express permission, which can be declined.


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