Apostle Suleman Threatens Bloggers Who Write About Him: “We’ll Give You Drama!”

Apostle Johnson Suleman is ready to go to war with Nigerian bloggers.

According to LIB, the Senior Pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries who was embroiled in a messy scandal months ago, reportedly spoke about how bloggers smear his name on their pages, and it is why he is rallying his choristers to report and shut the pages of these folks who don’t write nice things about him.

Per LIB:

”A blogger posted something about my father in the lord about 3 days ago and I sent him a message saying I am giving him six hours to take it down or he would not like me. You know these bloggers, it wouldn’t take anything to close them. How many people do we need to report a page? The church has got the numbers to mess up bloggers. I will only direct the Choristers a page to report and they will shut it down. You want drama, we will give you. That we are keeping quiet doesn’t mean bloggers should try nonsense, we can shut you down. What does it take to shut down an Instagram page? 100 to 200 reports and they will shut it down. If it comes up under three months, we report it again. Since you face the church, we face you. But we are giving you means of livelihood, don’t abuse it.

I have told my people that when I give order that they should, they should just start fighting. Everybody is mad, it is the one that takes off his clothes that people notice. Nobody has the monopoly of rascality.

Pastors have the number to shut down any blogger. Shut up your mouth or we will both shut your mouth and your blog. I told someone that if he thinks he is so relevant, he should not talk about Pastors for six months and his channel will close. What keeps it flowing is because of Pastors. We determine your next video.

Right. We can’t wait to see how that goes.

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