Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Has Been Suspended

Nearly four months after it was revealed that an Amy Winehouse hologram tour was in the works, the tour has been put on hold.

BASE Hologram, the company that was developing the project, recently tweeted that the tour has been put “on hold.” And in their company statement, they noted that the tour is being pushed back after they encountered “some unique challenges and sensitivities.”

BASE Hologram chairman and CEO Brian Becker also sent a statement to Billboard, saying:

“Sometimes in developing this type of highly ambitious, state of the art hologram/augmented reality theatrical event we encounter some unique challenges and sensitivities that cause us to take a step back. Developing our productions is a cross between a Broadway show and a concert spectacle which requires creative engineering and that type of creativity does not necessarily follow a schedule. And that’s what happened with Amy Winehouse, we promised to celebrate her life in the most respectful way possible—as we did with Roy Orbison and Maria Callas—and to ensure we keep that promise we are putting the tour on hold while we plot out a creatively spectacular production fitting of her remarkable career.”

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