Amotekun: ‘Opponents will die mysteriously’ – Gani Adams

Are Ona kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams has disclosed that people of the South-West would not tolerate any form of threat from any individual or groups over its decision to safeguard the region.

He added that the masses in the region would stand by the South West governors in their bid to rid the region of criminality through the Western Nigeria Security Outfit codenamed “Operation Amotekun”.

Speaking at the South-West Security Stakeholders Group Summit at The Grand Place event centre Osogbo on Friday, Adams, who convened the meeting said anyone who opposes the Amotekun initiative would not survive the wrath of the gods of the land, Vanguard writes.

He urged the different groups who were involved in local security not to be bothered by the states government inability to engage everyone for the outfit but to prioritise curbing insecurity in the region.

He said no state government has the capacity to engage above 1000 locals for the outfit, but stressed that the challenge of insecurity is a task for the entire populace.

“We want everyone out there to know that the people of this region would not tolerate any form of threats from any individual or groups in relations to the issues of insecurity and the birth of Amotekun,” he said.

“As you have seen events unfolding in recent times that the people of the southwest are behind the governors on the Amotekun project. Whoever opposes it would die mysteriously and the gods of Yorubaland would soon visit its wrath on its betrayers.

“It is nauseating that a group, Miyetti Allah was giving orders that Amotekun should not be allowed to stay in the region.

“We are using this medium to tell any group with criminal tendencies to leave the region. Yoruba is not known for hostility, the race is accommodating and we love to live in peace and harmony with other race, but we should not be pushed to reacting to criminality against our people, such as kidnapping, banditry, destroying farms and raping women.”

He frowned on the imbalance in the nation’s polity, wondering the rationale behind the existence of security outfits in some parts of the country, while it is termed illegal in other parts.

He said it is pertinent for security groups not to take laws into their hands, but work with the police and other security agencies in ridding the nation of criminals.

According to him, for centuries, Fulanis have herdsmen in South-West; they have even become an integral part of the society, but stressed the need to check those who under the guise of herdsmen involve in criminal activities across the region.

“Amotekun has exposed imbalance in the structure of Nigeria, while Hisbah, civilian JTF thrive in the northwest and east, why would Amotekun be different?

“We are not against those outfits because even in the United Kingdom, a central Police system is not practised because it cannot take care of the numerous challenges, which is why Forest Guards, Train station police, University police exist with the central Police structure.

“It is obvious in Nigeria that the police, as they are, have failed and cannot secure Nigerians anymore,” he added.


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