American Pupil Planning to Donate Supplies to Nigerian Schools

Elizabeth Ofodile, a pupil at Fayetteville city, North Carolina in the United States is planning to change lives by donating school supplies to children in Nigeria.

Little Ofodile delivered backpacks to kids at five different Nigerian schools last year and is planning to do more this year.

A third-grade student at the New School in Fayetteville, Ofodile founded ‘The Education for Africa Project’ to drive the education support project.

According to her, the project was inspired a few years ago after her visit to Nigeria where she was moved by the plight of some school pupils in the country.

Ofodile said this project is very important to her.

“It makes me feel so good inside that when people say it feels better to give than to receive they really mean it,” she said.

“I felt so happy when I gave it to them. Their smile on their faces just really touched my heart.”

Now, here’s someone with a heart of gold.


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