Amber Rose Shoots Down Rumour That She Cheated on 21 Savage

Amber Rose has taken to her Instagram to set the records straight: she did not cheat on 21 Savage, had never cheated on any of her partners, and she wants everyone to leave her alone.

This rumour was published by Celebrity Insider which claimed that the model cheated with one of 21’s friends. “Amber cheated on 21 with one of his friends,” the source allegedly shared. “She feels horrible about it. That’s why she’s still the one in love while 21 is over her.”

Well, Amber Rose says this is not true.

In a series of notes shared on her Instagram story, the mum of one son says she always avoids being in close proximity with men because people, unkind people, have a penchant for lumping them together as a couple all just to spread gossip.

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And this comes one week after Rose took to her Instagram to write 21 a heartfelt letter, detailing their journey together, how he supported and defended her, how much she still loves life despite the negative comments from folks on social media.

“I love this man so much,” she began, adding that despite what stories the internet might circulate for “click bait,” the truth is that “in real life Shayaa is my heart and soul.”

But shortly after that, 21 shared a troubling post, saying once he is done with someone, he’s done for life.

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I hope this isn’t his message to #AmberRose 👀

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And Amber deleted her post.

Yes, the relationship is over but Amber Rose wants her name cleared.


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