AKA Explains Why He No Longer Submits His Works for Awards Consideration

Fans will not be seeing AKA on any award shortlist any time soon.

The South African rapper made this clear yesterday after his fans called out the SA Hip Hop Awards for snubbing him. According to AKA, he no longer submits his works for consideration because he has lost his believe in the rating system, plus his favourite legends never won a Grammy.

“I am simply not interested in people telling us who is great and who is deserving and who isn’t anymore. Bob Marley and Tupac never won Grammies. I also don’t look down on people who DO submit or care about awards. It’s just my preference at this point in my career.,” he said.

Adding, “I have arguably the biggest album and without argument … the biggest Hip Hop or even local song this year. Period. I don’t need an award to confirm that. All I need is your support.”

And he said a lot more.

See his tweets below.


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