Adeniyi Johnson Goes on a Sexist Rant Against Married Women

Adeniyi Johnson is catching a lot of flak after his vicious rant against married women.

According to the Yoruba actor, women must, no matter what, submit to their husbands, else they will have to endure the viciousness their men will mete out on them when the lock down is over.

“Lots are saying I’ll show him… keep showing him till you run out of colour … Now is the time to determine what will happen after the lockdown study respect him, obey him give him food and good sex…. stop saying “Am I a prostitute”!! . Cook good food, and TALK TO HIM… Be his best friend now!!!” he wrote.

See the full post below:

See the criticisms his post had garnered, the actor tried to backtrack, claiming he was only “catching fun” with his sexism.

See his response below:

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