Adenike Oyetunde Speaks on Journeying Through Life as an Amputee

Adenike Oyetunde was the guest on the fourth episode of Life Lessons with Betty Irabor.

The OAP sat down to detail her experience on discovering she had bone cancer and the many troubles her family went through in seeking a cure.

The Nigerian Info host revealed that trouble started after a fall while she was an undergraduate in the University. The seemingly small event left her leg enlarged and despite medication, it didn’t heal.

The 34-year-old founder of Amputees United stated that at one point, her health challenge was deemed spiritual, leading her family to seek help from a native doctor.

Adenike Oyetunde also spoke on the uncomfortable stares she gets since her leg was amputated and how every church service she attended became a prayer meeting, requesting a miracle for her amputated limb.

The author also touched on the stigma that comes with life as an amputee and noted that the government can do more in building infrastructures that will help people with disabilities lead independent lives.

Speaking about the life lesson her situation has taught her, Adenike said: “Just live your truth… My biggest life’s lesson is, just take one day at a time. For the things that you know you don’t have power over, just let it go.”

Watch video below.


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