Ada Karl Replies Cyber Criminals Sending Her Death Threats, Cusses Them out

Ada Karl has let it be known that she isn’t scared of anyone who hides behind a keyboard to send her death threats.

The actress took to Instagram to cuss out cyber criminals who have been sending her nasty death threats in the name of ‘Nobody Holy Pass’, a slogan she believes is the worst for this generation.

In her lengthy post, the starlet cursed them saying “If you are a scammer/fraudster, it shall never be well with you unless you repent” and then went on to dare them to shoot a video of their ’empty threats’

Ada Karl also revealed that her domestic staff was swindled of N500k of her life’s savings by these unscrupulous lots who carry out fraudulent activities in the name a revenge mission on the colonial masters. She went on to ask if her staff was a colonial master as well.

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