Actress Lisa Omorodion is Having a Frank Discussion About Women, Best Friends and Significant Others

Lisa Omorodion has shaken this relationship table and broken it completely because yes, many women are guilty.

The beautiful actress shared some home truths about women in love, their best friends and significant others and how all of these interact together.

In an Instagram post, the plus-sized starlet warned friends to desist from sharing secrets with their best friends who are in love. She pointed out that this tends to come out during pillow talks with their significant others as gist.

Lisa Omorodion went further to reveal that when the relationship with the ‘beau’ crashes, guess what survives? Your secrets which were shared in the course of ‘love nwa tin tin’.

Omorodion noted that this habit has led to many men making assumptions about ladies and judging them off of what they’ve heard without getting to know them.

She finished off by sounding a note of warning to females in relationships, urging them to desist from sharing their friends’ secrets.

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