Actress Jemima Osunde Says She’ll Never Be Broke Like You Folks

Jemima Osunde is made for life, and she wants everyone to know this.

The actress recently sat down for an Instagram Live chat (which every celebrity seems to be doing these day), in which she she talked about her family’s wealth, that her Nollywood roles never really pays, and she can still afford her lifestyle even if she never got these roles.

“For my own self o, remove the money that I am making from acting, remove the money that LUTH is paying me, I still won’t be hungry or broke,” she said, adding, for emphasis, “My father is a retired judge. My mother is about to retire from the Ministry of Education. I have three older brothers: first one is a lawyer, the second is an engineer, the third is a broadcaster.”

And she went on and on, reciting her privilege for you all.

Watch her below:

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