Actress Gina Rodriguez Catches Heat for Saying Black Actresses Get Better Pay

Gina Rodriguez is catching a lot of flak after she made an uninformed commentary about equal pay among women actresses of varying races.

It started during a roundtable talk with fellow TV actress Ellen Pompeo, Gabrielle Union and Emma Roberts, where Rodriguez claimed that black actresses are better paid.

“I get so petrified in this space talking about equal pay especially when you look at the intersectional aspect of it, right? Where white women get paid more than black women, black women get paid more than Asian women, Asian women get paid more than Latina women, and it’s like a very scary space to step into. Because I always feel like I fail when I speak about it because I can’t help but feel already so gracious to do what I do and I feel like, culturally, I feel like I was raised to just feel so appreciative of getting here,” she said.

And the internet dragged her for filth, no time wasted.

“Habitual Hater Gina Rodriguez says black actresses are paid more than Asians and latinas…. She always coming with sideways comments about Black people. F— her. Keep our fucking name out your mouth, b—-. This the same ho that essentially said that Christopher Columbus was a hero,” said one user.

Another added: “Chile I saw the full video with Gabrielle Union, Ellen Pompeo, Emma Roberts and Gina Rodriguez. Gina’s disdain for black people making it or should I said rising above her is palatable. She really blatantly lied about Black actresses making more than Latina actresses.”

“Let’s also address how Gina Rodriguez lied about Latina actresses being paid less than black actresses when evidence shows the top 20 paid actresses of all time has 3 Latinas & NOT a single black actress. How did she get away with this lie?!!” another added.

See the video below.

The actress had yet to address the outrage as at press time.

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