Actress Bose Oladimeji Tells Why She’s Leaving Her MArriage: “My Husband Rapes Me”

Bose Oladimeji has broken silence on why she is walking away from her marriage after two years.

The actress recently sat down with the folks at Vanguard to tell how her husband reportedly rapes her during his drunken fits, that she’s had to fear for her life because he also is physically abusive.

She said, per the outlet:

“Yes I’m ready to go, in fact, I’m not with him right now. I just have to run for my life, my life is very precious to me. I can’t just allow someone to kill me like that and I want to address some ladies out there that they should not love a guy because of what he gives them.

They should be sure the love is genuine and not be fooled by money and comfort. I’m leaving right now, I need to run away for my life. I need to save myself. My life will be in danger if I continue to stay with him, so I’m leaving right now. Whenever he’s drunk he’s out of his senses and starts misbehaving, beating me. He acts very crazy.

Any weapon he sees around he uses it on me but when he is sober he starts to regret whatever he has done. What I’m saying is that in the process of beating me what if I collapse and die or get injured, what will people say?”


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