Abuja Lady Stabbed to Death a week after Sacking Guard, Driver

An Abuja-based woman, Onise Ismail, was brutally murdered at her residence in Citec Estate, Mbora, around Jabi bypass.

Fondly referred to as Ize, the woman said to be in her late 20s was reportedly stabbed several times in her chest and in the neck till she gave up the ghost.

The incident happened last week and she was buried Sunday amidst wailing by her family and friends who thronged the cemetery in Abuja.

Ize, was said to have fired her driver and gateman a week before her tragic death.

Sources who spoke to Punch said she had stepped out of the house to put on her generator due to power outage when her assailant struck, before dumping her body in her room and ransacked the house for valuables before fleeing.

“We learnt that a neighbour heard her pleading with her assailant not to kill her, but he (the neighbour) was too scared to intervene. By the time he went to check on her, she had given up the ghost and her assailant had fled. The yard and the room was soaked with the blood of the deceased,” the source narrated.

Detectives of the FCT Police Command had reportedly commenced investigation into the homicide with a number of suspects arrested.

The police have remained mum on the motive for the brutal murder.

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