Abducted Zamfara Twins Regain Freedom

The Zamfara twin sisters who were kidnapped by unknown gunmen a month ago have been released.

Online publication Daily Nigerian said it spoke with the twins shortly after their release and confirmed that they were released unhurt after the sum of N15million ransom was paid to their abductors.

The money was raised through crowd funding, family contributions and borrowing, with the largest contribution coming from a senator, Kabir Marafa, Daily Trust writes.

The twins, Hassana and Hussaina, were kidnapped last month in Dauran town, while distributing the invitation cards of their wedding, and on Wednesday, their abductors threatened to kill one of the girls if payment of their ransom was not made on time.

A family member, Ibrahim Abubakar, who spoke with the kidnappers and the twins on phone on Thursday, said the kidnappers had reduced the ransom to N15million.

In a viral audio clip, one of the twin sisters, Hussaina was heard sobbing, complaining about maltreatment and appealing for help.

“I am battling with headache. We are in dire situation, they are about to kill us,” Hussaina said.

“The beat us every morning. Please help rescue us. Even yesterday, they slaughtered some people in our presence.

“We are starving. Please get contributions even from the general public,” they said.

But one of the abductor’s interjected, saying the call would be the last he would make with the twins as they failed to deliver the ransom.


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