‘A Lot of Adults Failed Aaliyah’ – Global Outrage as ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Premieres

Surviving R Kelly has finally debuted on Lifetime and everyone is talking about it.

The six-hour, three-part docuseries, set to debut on January 3, follows the story of the disgraced singer’s history of alleged physical and emotional abuse of women. The first trailer shares many women’s “untold story,” with close-ups of alleged victims Jerhonda Pace, Kitti Jones, Asante McGee, Lisa Van Allen, singer Sparkle and Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly.

Also, the documentary covers the tragedy that was late singer Aaliyah, who was introduced to R. Kelly when she was barely a teenager, a tragic decision by her family that would see her sexually assaulted by the older singer, who eventually, allegedly, married and got her pregnant.

Her story has broken many hearts, as fans all over the world speak on how the then-teenager was betrayed by all the adults in her life.

See some of the reactions below:



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