A.I. Pioneer Mark Palatucci says Robots no Threat to Mankind

The growing fears of the potential threat of Artificial Intelligence to mankind as expressed Elon Musk and many other have been dismissed as ludicrous by foremost A.I. expert, Mark Palatucci.

“These can be weapons of terror, weapons that despots and terrorists use against innocent populations, and weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways,” Musk had said, stressing that the autonomous arms race was a Pandora’s Box which, once opened, will be tough to close.

But a co-founder of Anki, Palatucci, who’s also head of the A.I. company’s Cloud A.I. and Data Science said in a recent interview with TMZ that we are far, far away from robots posing any sort of threat to humanity.

He added that any contrary belief would be tantamount to believing in sci-fi!

In Mark’s opinion, robots are just computer programs made by humans, so the idea of them spontaneously having minds of their own is simply fantasy.

“A.I. is harder than rocket science — that’s why we’ve been to the moon but we don’t have a robot that can take out the trash,” he says.

But of course, we already have robots that can run and jump, not to mention Google’s new robot assistant!

Palatucci however agrees with Musk and other A.I. sceptics about one thing – that the technology needs to be regulated to ensure safety.

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