‘90% of Nigerian Politicians are thieves’ – Methodist Prelate explodes [Video]

The Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence Dr. Samuel Uche has described Nigerian politicians as rogues and thieves who have no other mission for aspiring for public office other than to loot the nation’s commonwealth.

Bishop Uche gave the damning verdict on Nigerian politicians during his visit to an orphanage home, Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice, in Lagos where he donated materials in celebration of his 67th birthday on Wednesday.

He said his visit to the orphanage aligns with his philosophy of life which does not support wasting money on throwing lavish parties while celebrating birthday.

He said despite not having abundance of resources, he and his wife chose to share from the little they have with the downtrodden and he appealed to those in leadership positions to put the welfare of the masses first and not how to enrich themselves.

He said:

“I want to appeal to Nigerians who want to assume leadership positions to please think in favour of the masses, don’t think about yourself and your family alone.”

Uche continued:

“Look at what is happening in my state, I’m from Imo, people were in one party and another came in by court ruling ad everybody is decamping, they don’t belong to PDP, APC or APGA, they want a way of looting the treasury and the peoples’ wealth, Nigeria cannot grow under that situation, only few politicians in this country are decent people, 90% of them are rogues, vagabonds, thieves. I say it without fear of contradiction, I know those who are decent and the rogues.

“I weep when I remember this country because the insurgency we are having is a clamour to those in leadership that people are neglected.”

He also blamed the series of agitations and insurgencies in different parts of the country on bad leadership.

“Biafra shouldn’t have arisen if there is fair play, Amotekun shouldn’t have arisen if there is security and the economy is good, nobody will have time for that. All the insurgencies we are having and the groups agitating is as a result of bad leadership. We have suffered from bad leadership for many years,” the prelate added.

“For a nation to go forward they must have a leadership that is committed to making things move.”

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