‘80% of Nigerian’ sets Twitter on Fire

Nigerian Twitterspace came alive Tuesday after a lady “inadvertently” introduced the ‘80% of Nigerian’ trend.

The lady, ‘El Jefa’ with the Twitter handle @bougie_blackie, made a withering generalization of Nigerian women to set the ball rolling.

“About 80% of Nigerian girls are bitter, toxic, bi-sexual/bi-curious fucktards with pea-sized brains that shrunk as a result of their brain matter been sucked and pumped into their stupid female ego,” she wrote.

“It’s like they all drink from the same fountain filled with a stupid entitlement mentality and intellectual handicap and toxic feminism. I legit feel bad for Nigerian guys that have to settle with these lots and I sympathise with them in advance cos it’s a hard knock life they’re heading towards, especially as their daughters would have these uncouth and morally degenerative swine to look up to. Tragic”.

Her rather scathing remark has since become a top trend on Twitterland, as men had a field day taunting and shading the heck out of women who until now, have had the upper hand in the battle of the sexes.

From subjects like feminism, relationships, politics and religion, the ‘80% of Nigerian’ trend has been effectively adapted on Twitter.

Check out some of the more damning tweets on the matter below…



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