Yikes! Eagles Fan Eats Horse Crap to Celebrate Super Bowl Win

We all know how the highs of victory can make us do insane things: like the fan that asks Cristiano Ronaldo to ‘bed his wife’ after scoring a goal, or the Juventus fan that offered her mammary glands for Alesandro Del Piero to sign on back in the day.

Ok, one fan has taken celebration to a whole new height (low, perhaps), after unfancied Philadelphia Eagles stunned the new England Patriots to claim a first ever Super Bowl last night.

After their thrilling 41-33 victory, an Eagles fan in a throwback Randall Cunningham jersey ate horse faeces off the ground in Philadelphia as revellers cheered on.

In the clip, posted on Twitter,  the man is seen kneeling down on the street — and making sure his scarf doesn’t touch the pile of poop.

Then he takes a mouthful of manure, much to the crowd’s delight as Philly went overboard in celebration of their darling Eagles success.

The poop-eating moment was one of many disturbing incidents in the aftermath Super Bowl LII as fans set fires, pushed over cars, leapt off awnings and climbed light poles in the streets.

Well, cops insist nobody died in the crazy Super Bowl celebration … so, Mr. Poo-Eater here clearly had the stomach for it as he survived the stunt.

That’s one act you don’t wanna catch on for sure…


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