50 Cent Wishes Death on His Son Marquise Jackson

50 Cent says he wouldn’t be sad if a bus runs over his son Marquise Jackson who he shares with Shaniqua Tompkins.

The rapper made this known after a photo of Marquise and Supreme McGriff’s son surfaced on social media.

Recall that McGriff is alleged to have ordered the murder of Run-DMC member Jam Master Jay, and was convicted for ordering the murder of Mobb Deep affiliate E-Moneybags.

Also, authorities believed he was the mind behind the attempted murder of 50 Cent, who had rapped about McGriff’s drug empire in his song “Ghetto Qu’ran” released in 2000.

This, plus the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and his son, is the reason he wishes the boy death for hanging out with the son of the man who allegedly got him shot 9 times.

See his post below.

However, McGriff’s son had posted that family isn’t always about those who are related to you by blood, but those who have added value to your life.

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