50 Cent Buys 200 Seats at Ja Rule’s Concert So the Venue Would Be Empty

50 Cent doesn’t mind throwing money away, so long as it affords him an opportunity to troll his rivals.

Today, the rapper took to his Instagram to reveal that he just bought out 200 seats (which goes for $15 each) for Ja Rule’s concert so that the venue would be empty when the show begins.

This shocking update throws more light on how petty the rapper could go to show his hatred for a rival, and in Ja Rule’s case, someone he has been beefing with for nearly 20 years.

And close associates of his rivals are caught in the crossfire too, because 50 trolled the heck out of Ja Rule’s old associate, Ashanti, whose show was recently canceled following poor sales.

Speaking with the crew of TMZ, Ashanti agreed that 50 is a bully. “Officer Curtis better cut it out,” she said.

Now, the rapper has turned his radar on Ja Rule, and he is having fun with throwing his money around for the sake of being petty.

See his post below.

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