50 Cent and Iggy Azalea Defend Nicki Minaj After Steve Madden Called Her a “Liar”

50 Cent and Iggy Azalea have joined the list of folks speaking up for Nicki Minaj after designer Steve Madden accused her of lying on Twitter.

In case you missed how this drama started: Cardi B took to her page on Monday to drag Nicki after the “Queen” rapper had a lot to say about her on her radio show. Cardi claimed she had turned down some of the deals Nicki was recently offered, and in her response, Nicki mentioned some of the deals she, herself, had turned down which were then passed on to Cardi, one of which was a collection with Steven Madden.

Well, the designer took to his Twitter today to deny ever offering Nicki a deal. “. you can’t turn down an offer that was never made. ,” he tweeted.

And Nicki fired back with a screenshot of a 2015 interview in which the designer hinted that he offered Nicki a deal but had to eventually pass it on to Iggy Azalea after he fought with the former.

thought I was lying you dumb fuck. You, Irv & Gee Roberson came to my house in MALIBU BEGGING me to do the deal. I said no. You then did a deal w/Iggy & she hated the pics you used & went in on you online. Im sure Irv told you to post this lie. Respond to ,” she tweeted.

And then she thanked 50 Cent and Iggy Azalea Banks who both confirmed that the designer was the liar here.

See her tweets below.

The designer had yet to respond to these as at press time.


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