50 Cent Accuses Gayle King of Raising Kobe Bryant’s History for ‘Ratings’

Gayle King is not catching a break anytime soon. This time, 50 Cent has taken to the media to call her out for ‘tarnishing’ Kobe Bryant’s legacy right after his death.

The rapper spoke about this during a recent appearance on Ebro in the Morning, where he doubled down on his criticism of King.

“You had a criminal situation that went away, right?” Fif said about Bryant’s sexual assault case, which was dropped in 2004. “And 10 years to talk about it—nobody talked about it. The man passes away, and you want to talk about that while—”

“The family is grieving, the funeral hasn’t even happened,” Ebro interjected.

“For what? For ratings?” 50 asked. “I just didn’t think that was cool, that’s all … What they’re feeling now—that backlash—it’s not what from I said, not from what Snoop said, not from Boosie or anybody else that was supporting him [said]. It’s just people are stronger in their absence than in their presence.”

Listen to him here:

50 has also been a vocal critic of King’s good friend Oprah Winfrey, whom he has accused of strictly targeting black men throughout the #MeToo movement, while ignoring the claims against alleged white perpetrators like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and spiritual advisor João Teixeira de Faria. He also highlighted Winfrey’s relationship with the latter in a recent Instagram post, in which he blasted the media mogul for her involvement in a documentary about Russell Simmon’s sexual assault allegations. Winfrey has since exited the project.

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