2023: Group moves for Amaechi/El-Rufai ticket

A group by the name ‘Think Nigerian First Initiative (TNFI)’ has begun to sell Transportation Minister, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, to the North, as a possible successor to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

TNFI commissioned a popular female musician Sadiya Yarima to do a video clip listing the qualities of Amaechi as a friend of the North and a reliable ally of Buhari, who has demonstrated over the years that he is a patriot. The almost nine-minute video clip, which was done in Hausa language in order to appeal to its target audience, has gone viral.

A stanza from the all-female vocalists group goes thus: ‘Get up and let’s go our Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi, a patriot and trusted Nigerian.

‘No one can separate us, a reliable Buhari ally.

“Your performance is stellar. You are our pride.

“You are a bridge builder loved by North and South.

“You enriched transportation, You constructed new railways in the country, we are happy with you.”

The video is meant to wet the grounds for the project ahead of 2023 when the presidency is expected to return to the south.

Amaechi is a key ally of Buhari, who not only direct his campaign organisation, but also funded it.


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