South African Women Celebrate the Arrest of Alleged Rapist, Pastor Tim Omotoso

Tim Omotoso

A group of South African women are currently celebrating in front of a Magistrate Court in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where Nigerian prophet, Tim Omotoso, is set to be arraigned following his arrest yesterday.

According to Daily Post, the controversial Nigerian pastor resident in Durban, South Africa, was declared wanted by the country’s police following allegations that he sexually abused about 30 girls in his home. Sources revealed that the self-professed prophet handpicked the girls and instructed them to live in his home, where he had unprotected sex with them.

Speaking with the press yesterday, the Police Spokesperson, Lt-Col Robert Netshiunda, said the Nigerian cleric deactivated all the phones linked to him.

“We are investigating the matter and we will only lay charges after getting him,” Netshiunda said.

However, yesterday, the pastor was arrested by a team of officers in Port Elizabeth. See the videos:

Now, a group of women protesters are gathered outside the court, chanting, demanding that the cleric should not be released on bail.

See the video:


  1. My prayers are may all these allegations against a man of God found to be false.a person is not guilty until proof so by the courts of law.Our prayers goes to the family and in all those who believes in the Man of Gods innocence and His intertregrety.
    The Truth will always prevele.May all man be lairs and let God be True.

  2. South Africans Arise
    These mushrooming churches are dangerous We have our own pastors in Mzanzi Why these foreigners are brainwashing you
    This OmitosOmitos guy is a devil in disguise
    In the last days suchthings are prophesied to happen
    Why are these foreigners choose our country
    This so-called prophet is so rich The question is why did he choose to preach his so-called teachings in our country and commit such a sin and molested our children
    I call unto our government to deport all foreigners

    • Hey let me hear ! How can u say let them deport all foreigners? Is that the solution to the problem on ground? Things like this happen in all countries. We should only pray for Grace md also pray for those affected that God should give them the Grace to let go of this trauma in their hearts,and not u reminding them of it.


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